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About Us

Story: Where it all began.

Ottoscreen was legally registered on 06/01/2023. In 2023, a group of passionate tech enthusiasts came together with a common vision: to revolutionize the driving experience through seamless connectivity and innovation. With a burning desire to make a difference, they founded Ottoscreen, a brand dedicated to providing top-quality portable CarPlay screens and motorcycle CarPlay screens.

Our brand philosophy

Your ultimate destination for top-quality portable CarPlay screens and motorcycle CarPlay screens! At Ottoscreen, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best-in-class CarPlay solutions that enhance your driving experience and keep you connected on the go.

At the heart of our brand philosophy is the commitment to deliver innovation, reliability, and convenience. We understand the importance of seamless integration between your smart devices and your vehicle, which is why we offer a wide range of portable CarPlay screens that transform your car or motorcycle into a connected hub.


Our carefully curated selection of portable CarPlay screens caters to various needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a compact and versatile solution for your car or a rugged and durable screen for your motorcycle, Ottoscreen has you covered. We source our products from reputable manufacturers who prioritize cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship.

With an Ottoscreen CarPlay screen, you can effortlessly access your favorite apps, navigation systems, music, and more, all through a user-friendly interface. Enjoy hands-free calling, voice commands, and real-time information at your fingertips, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.


We take pride in our exceptional customer service and strive to exceed your expectations. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way, from choosing the right CarPlay screen for your specific needs to providing ongoing support and assistance after your purchase.

Drive smart, drive connected.

Experience the freedom and convenience of CarPlay integration with Ottoscreen. Explore our wide range of portable CarPlay screens and motorcycle CarPlay screens, and discover the perfect companion for your journeys. Trust Ottoscreen to bring you the latest in-car technology that enhances your driving experience like never before.

Welcome to Ottoscreen, where innovation meets mobility.

Customer service email: support@ottoscreen.com